Customised solutions and approach

Miwatek takes a holistic approach to the customer’s specific situation, focusing not only on supplying a specific piece of equipment or technology, but rather addressing the site wide water challenge. Our objective is to minimize Capex and Opex by supporting the client’s investment system and determining the most appropriate technology from a site perspective.  This is achieved by working closely with the site water balance during the project’s pre-feasibility stage to determine how much water should be treated and which contaminants should be removed. We then propose what we believe to be the most cost-effective technology.

During the project’s feasibility study, we further develop the required engineering deliverables to obtain an accurate cost estimate. Through our operations in Ghana, we have country specific experience in both capital and operating costs.

In the execution phase, Miwatek works closely with the client’s preferred EPC or EPCM contractor to deliver the solution. We then commission, operate and maintain the facility to conform to the EPA requirement for third party operation if required.

Advanced Chemical Modelling and Laboratory Testing

Miwatek has developed rigorous first principled chemical models to accurately predict the performance of our proposed solutions. The models are continuously updated and calibrated with data from our operational facilities. Our in-house laboratory uses ASTM D4194-03 to determine membrane performance during all predicted site conditions, thereby supporting the most appropriate membrane selection.

Operational and Maintenance

Selection and implementation of the correct solution only partly addresses the challenge of mine water treatment. Appropriate operation and maintenance are key to continuing successful treatment of mine water. There are many examples of solution that only operate for a short period of time at design conditions and then failing, mostly due to inadequate understanding of the installed technology.