Multi-Stage Reverse Osmosis (RO)

Miwatek is the industry leader in mine water Reverse Osmosis. We have in-house capability to experimentally determine the most appropriate membrane selection, operating points and clean in place (CIP) campaigns. This results in increased membrane life and decreased Opex.

The Simplified Brine Treatment (SBT) process

The SBT process is appropriate where a high recovery process is not required, typically where the tailings facility is available as a destination for some of the waste generated by the facility. SBT typically consists of secondary RO or nanofiltration (NF) and a gypsum precipitation reactor that removes the appropriate contaminants to support the site water balance.

The Miwatek Brine Treatment (MBT) process

The MBT process utilizes calcite and gypsum precipitation chemistry within a process recycle loop to achieve high overall volumetric recoveries whilst reporting the problem constituents to suitable discharge streams. The ionic strength of the process recycle increases up to a point that is constrained by the quality targets of the RO or NF permeate stream and the operating pressure of the RO / NF unit.  The process intent is to minimize the concentrate purge and to maximize the strength of the recirculation liquor. Achieving the process intent translates into maximum target constituent reduction and maximum passage of monovalent species to the treated water for discharge.

Miwatek Ammonia/Nitrate Treatment

Miwatek’s ammonia/nitrate process uses biological processes to reduce ammonia and nitrate. This, first of a kind technology, is cost effective from both a capex and opex perspective and is appropriate where there are no other constituents of concern.